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11 April 2017 0Novacontainer News

Sea freight Transport

Novacontainers have an extensive network of locations and ocean freight experience to provide you with comprehensive international transportation services. We handle shipments of all sizes, from partial shipment (LCL) to full load (FCL), special equipment or oversized cargo. You can manage your ocean freight services anywhere in the world from one source.

Ocean freight forwarding

As a freight forwarder, we guarantee the transport of your goods and manage the shipping documents, regardless of destination or carrier. We facilitate the delivery process according to your indications and the applicable requirements of each importing and exporting country.

Full Container Load

We have established relationships with carriers that allow us to offer frequent departures at competitive rates for full load shipments  from major ports around the world.

Partial shipment

If you have a smaller volume than a full container, we offer partial load shipments between the main ports, and we manage all the steps of the process so that you can follow them the course.

Cargo Solutions

Whether you are looking for a customized solution for a unique shipment of specialized equipment or want to rely on charter ships, Novacontainers solutions allow you to rely on global coverage, reasonable costs and project tracking.


  • Simplify your transportation and freight processes by using a single supplier that can manage your supply chain
  • Maximize your travel and transit options for destinations around the world by choosing your preferred carriers
  • Get better tracking of your shipments thanks to our advanced technology
  • Your volume, schedule and pricing requirements are met through our reliable service



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Experts in the field of import / export cargo shipping logistics, Nova Containers handles shipments from the point of manufacture, up to the client's doorstep over air, land, and sea.




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