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25 April 2017 0Novacontainer News

Complete container Road Transport:

One or more containers to be transported by road? For every trucking transport, we find the perfect balance between speed and price.


From refrigerated transport, IMCO goods, several loads, different routes, changes of course, … At Novacontainers, you are immediately at the right address, that you import goods from Montreal to all Canada et eastern USA. We export your containers, with the same skill, from Montreal to all the possible cities in Canada.

All types of containers

Some goods require specific care. We offer the entire collection of containers for the optimal transport of all types of goods.

Containers 20 ‘and 40’ (also for dangerous products)
Refrigerated containers or reefer (refrigerated trucks)
Containers floor
Containers with open roof

Secure warehouse in Montreal

Do you need a secure warehouse, strategically located? You are therefore at the right address at Novacontainers. We offer you a network of multimodal warehouses in prime locations. Our employees are an experienced team, providing the best service in terms of warehousing.

Extended gateways

The density of our infrastructure network, adapted or adapted to your specific needs, allows us to reduce logistical costs. Add to this a multitude of value-added activities and it is clear that our integrated vision of transport and logistics provides you with the guarantee of processing and storage of your goods in peace.

Our warehouses are located in the south of Montreal and the main access roads of the A15 / A20, Ottawa and Toronto, with an optimal transit to the recipient to the key.


Storage without risk

A thorough analysis of the storage space reduces the risk of damage to an absolute minimum in our stores. For Customs goods or ADR products, we have specially equipped shops and depots.

With Novacontainers , your valuable goods are perfectly protected. We leave nothing to chance. Our shopkeepers are specially trained. The warehouses are clean and the installations, the shelves and the layout are constantly checked for their safety.


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Experts in the field of import / export cargo shipping logistics, Nova Containers handles shipments from the point of manufacture, up to the client's doorstep over air, land, and sea.



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