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1 December 2017 0Novacontainer News

Ocean Freight Services Montreal

Our expertise and our certified staff are the reason for our success. With IATA and ATIC certified agents, you can rest assured that your shipment is managed by a well-trained and certified marine surveyor. In doing so, we help improve your efficiency and ensure your shipment meets all the necessary guidelines.

Dedicated to the growth of our company, we know that our success also lies in your business success. Taking advantage of our extensive network of transportation services and shipping companies, we put our experience at your service to improve your shipping practices, while taking advantage of high quality transportation discounts.

No matter the size of your shipment, Nova Containers specializes in all forms of freight, and shipping

Why Choose Nova Containers?

With a large network of partners and alliances, Nova Containers is a leader in shipping and transportation services in Montreal, Quebec. We offer air and ocean transportation services around the world. If you are looking to send less container load, full containers, or oversized items, Nova containres has the expertise you need.


Get An Estimate On Ocean Freight, Land And Air Freight Find out how we can offer affordable and efficient shipping worldwide.



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Experts in the field of import / export cargo shipping logistics, Nova Containers handles shipments from the point of manufacture, up to the client's doorstep over air, land, and sea.



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