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26 July 2018 1Novacontainer News

A reliable and all-inclusive freight service

Brokers of Maritime Insurance and Transports since 1980, based in Montreal, Canada, we operate on the main world markets of shipping, trading and manufactured products.

We put all our energy at your disposal to secure and serve the international exchanges, optimize the quality of the supply chain and reduce the insurance costs of the guarantees relating to the ships’ bodies or the goods transported as well as those of their multiple operators.

The role of the broker is not only to offer the solutions available on the market. Through its understanding of the issues and risks of its customers, it also aims to build solutions and relevant services, tailored, optimized and constantly evolving


  • More than 85 multicultural and dynamic collaborators at the rate of shipping and international trade.
  • Experienced field specialists at the service of each client.
  • A Claims and Recourse service and a dedicated legal assistance.
  • Listen, advise and bring expertise and creativity
  • Optimize the cost of risks
  • 48 Shipping agents Worldwide
  • A daily immersion in Shipping, Trading and Ship & Trade Finance.


We are at your disposal for any question.
Postal Adress : 1405 Rue de Guise, La Prairie, QC J5R 5W6
Phone : (450) 444-8994

One comment

  • Thieblemont Jérôme

    28 October 2019 at 6:19 pm


    We are looking for a maritime agency for us in Canada in France Le Havre.

    Can you provide this kind of benefits?

    You have a lot of money for the transport of a vehicle.
    What about the price of a container?

    Thank you
    Thievemont Jérôme


    nous cherchons une agence maritime pour importe nous véhicule du Canada en France Le Havre .

    pouvez fournir ce type de prestations ?

    auriez vous des prix à me donné pour le transport d’un véhicule .
    et le prix d’un conteneur ?

    thieblemont Jérôme


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Experts in the field of import / export cargo shipping logistics, Nova Containers handles shipments from the point of manufacture, up to the client's doorstep over air, land, and sea.



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