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1 May 2017 0Novacontainer News

The advantages of containers transport

Transporting goods into containers has certain advantages:

  • The container can be easily stored, moved and handled.
  • Safe against shocks, breakages and damage, it allows to hide the goods, which reduces the risks of thefts.
  • Economical, ocean freight in container is cheaper than air transport.
  • It reduces load times, which reduces costs.

Another advantage of this mode of transport is that it is less polluting than air transport of goods or road transport.

In addition, it offers a certain flexibility of loading the merchandise. It allows different types of shipments, the most common of which are:
The complete loading of the goods in a container. This is called dedicated cargo charging or FLC (for Full Container Load). The company loads its own goods for direct delivery to the end customer. The container shall be sealed and opened only to final destination, except for customs checks.
Sharing the container where a sender loads multiple recipients. It’s called cargo shipment. Or also the LCL (for Less than a container load). The goods are delivered to a consolidation center since the quantities are insufficient. The goods are then containerized with other goods destined for the same port. They will be unbundled and delivered to final customers
Conversely, multiple shippers can fill a container for a single recipient. A pre-routing of the goods is done up to a consolidation center to fill the container which will be delivered to the buyer.

What is a container ?

The container, which is a closed box of metal, in parallelepiped format, has seen its dimensions standardize to correspond to the exchanges of international maritime transport. It is also a container used for other modes of transport such as road transport. However, it can be less optimized for filling in order to transport standard pallets. It is practical for intermodal transport where it facilitates transhipment from one mode of cargo to another. For air transport, there are specific containers for airplanes. They take into account the constraints inherent in air freight.
The dimensions of containers in shipping meet standards. Unit of measure is the TEU, that is, the equivalent of twenty feet. Length is 20 feet (32 m3) and length 40 feet (64 m3). Exterior dimensions are 6.06 meters in length for the 20 feet and 12.12 meters in length for the 40 feet. Interior dimensions are 5.95 meters in length for the 20 feet and 12.05 meters in length for the 40 feet.






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